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Institutional factors of chronic poverty formation in modern Russia

Institutional factors of chronic poverty formation in modern Russia

Journal of Institutional studies, , Vol. 6 (no.3),
p. 146-159

The paper deals with the institutional factors of chronic poverty - a new specific subgroup of modern Russian poverty, which becomes very similar to a classic European and American underclass. There are market (level of education, labor activity, specifics of employment, including professional affiliation, etc.) and non-market (the type of locality of residence, gender and age composition of the group, marital status of its members, etc.) characteristics of the group provided in the paper. The paper also includes the detailed analysis of all households of the group investigated - the size and composition of households, as well as the specifics of kinship ties between its members.

Keywords: institutions; culture; poverty; deprivation; cost of living; chronic poverty; underclass


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