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Formation of the "Green" Scientific and Production Cluster as a Trend of the Modern Environmental Policy of the Region

Formation of the "Green" Scientific and Production Cluster as a Trend of the Modern Environmental Policy of the Region

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 12 (no. 1),

As part of the study, the author analyzed the main directions of sustainable development of territories, which should be laid down as the basis for the work of the "green" scientific and production cluster, detailed the trends of the cluster mechanism for implementing the principles of greening the green economy in the region, specific examples of how certain environmental events in the context of each of the trends demonstrate effectiveness are given. Within the framework of the article, an analysis of the main advantages that participants in the green cluster receive, as well as the restrictions that hinder the development of such a cluster form in Russia, was carried out. The formation of a research and production green cluster is designed to solve the problem associated with the functioning of the three elements that make up the strategic platform for the development of the region: competitive enterprises, an attractive investment climate and effective regional authorities that ensure the competitiveness of the region and increase the well-being of the population. The stability of this pyramid is based on regional capital – resources, among which man is increasingly important - educated and energetic. As a result, another challenge to the green economy is the training of personnel capable of combining theoretical knowledge in the field of ecology and economics with the needs of the population of a particular region. Most of the Russian regions have sufficient potential for transition to development on the principles of a green economy, but such a regional transformation requires great preparation, careful development of an action plan at both the federal and regional levels. In these circumstances, it is difficult to overestimate the role of regional authorities, whose task is to analyze the totality of factors that influence the formation of an effective environmental-economic system, their integration into the development of a strategy for the sustainable development of the region, as well as take measures to prevent risks in the process of greening the region's economy.

Keywords: "green" research and production cluster; greening; sustainability; best available technologies

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