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"Capital" by K. Marx vs. "The Development of Capitalism in Russia" by V. I. Lenin: Similarities and Differences

"Capital" by K. Marx vs. "The Development of Capitalism in Russia" by V. I. Lenin: Similarities and Differences

Journal of Institutional Studies, , Vol. 10 (no. 1),

The article is devoted to studying the works of Karl Marx in Imperial Russia. Examines the background and reasons for the rapid spread of Marxism in the country, the second echelon of capitalism. The publication of the works of Marx extended for 100 years, and understanding began only at the end of the period of socialism. The insensitive perception of Marx's economic heritage, the absolutization of separate published works at different periods of development, their analysis in isolation from other works of the founder of Marxism led to a certain simplification and vulgarization of his views in the social-democratic literature of the late XIX-early XX century. The work of the Russian Marxists was no exception. An important feature of Russian economic thought was that it perceived the advanced achievements of its Western counterparts in conditions of catching up development. Hence the desire not only (and often not so much) to set out the main questions of the theory, how much to try to apply them to Russian reality. Particular attention is paid in the article to the analysis of V.I. Lenin's works, his role as a popularizer and vulgarizer of Marx is shown, factors that contribute to the Russification and orientation of Marxism are investigated. The spread of Marxism in the Russian Empire "breadth" occurred to a much greater extent than is allowed domestic economic, social and cultural conditions. But the same Russian reality has become obstacle to the spread of Marxism in Russia, "depth", for its development in an integrated and adequate primary source form. In conclusion, analyzes the causes of increasing interest to the academic Marxism, both in our country and abroad.

Keywords: historical school, Marxism, the genesis of capitalism, the catching-up development

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