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Humanitarian Perspectives Publishing House

The publishing house established in 2009 specializes in publishing the literature on a wide range of social science subjects. We welcome authors conducting research into the realms of economics, sociology, history, law, philosophy, political science, social and cultural anthropology. Our publishing house issues the literature that would be useful to universities, institutions, research institutions, libraries and those who are interested in science.

We collaborate with scientific databases, electronic libraries and internet bookshops. 


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Journal of Economic Regulation

Journal of Economic Regulation was launched with the aim to attract the experts and researchers specializing in a wide range of problems in the field of social sciences. The Journal welcomes submissions oriented toward general economic issues.


Journal of Institutional Studies

Journal of Institutional studies covers a wide range of issues in the field of social sciences (economics, sociology, political science, law and history). A great number of research papers, educational and methodological materials are published in the Journal. Moreover, there is an opportunity to discuss urgent issues in the context of institutionalism.


We prepare articles for publication in our highly regarded periodicals – Journal of Economic Regulation and Journal of Institutional Studies. All submitted papers are peer reviewed

Journal of Economic Regulation
Journal of Institutional Studies

We issue journals and monographs and place them on the databases, electronic libraries



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