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Instructions for Contributors

To be accepted for publication in the journal, all submitted manuscripts are to be of high urgency, according to Editors’ estimation. We publish research articles in the field of economics. The article should not exceed 40 000 characters. The number of sources (points in the reference list) of at  least 20. The article should be written in the Microsoft Word editor of principal character font of 14 points with 1,5 space between lines of text, all indentions are 1,25 cm.

References are normally cited in the text by placing an author’s name and the year of publication in parentheses with a comma between them e.g., (Acemoglu, 2003. P. 630). If more than one citation for a particular author is made for the same year, “a”, “b”, “c”, etc. should be added to the year of publication e.g., (Robinson, 2008a). Each literature citation made in the body of the paper must have a corresponding entry in the References at the end of the paper. The References must be ordered alphabetically, without numeration. Each citation must contain page numbers.

The format of References is as follows:

- ARTICLES: Owen-Smith J. and Powell W. W. (2001b). To patent or not: Faculty decisions and institutional success in academic patenting. Journal of Technology Transfer, vol. 10, no. 26, pp. 99-114.

- BOOKS: Xenos N. (1989). Scarcity and Modernity, London: Routledge.

Figures and equations should be embedded using the Word Equation editor. Illustrations and drawings must be created in the graph editors or using Microsoft Word. All tables must be cell-based; do not use picture elements, text boxes, tabs, color highlighters, or returns in tables. All tables (illustrations, drawings) should have a concise title, footnotes and citations can be used if necessary.

During submission all contributing authors are required to provide the following information:

- Full name of an author

- The institution(s) from which the paper originates

- Author’s current position and academic degree

- Author’s contact details: mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address

The title page should carry the following manuscript information:

- The title of the article

- Abstract (150-200 words)

- Key words (each separated by a semicolon)

- JEL Classification codes

Manuscripts must be submitted in one single file including the text of the article, manuscript information and author’s personal details. The name of the submitted file should contain the author’s surname.

All submitted papers are initially evaluated by Editors and then the papers are sent to at least two anonymous expert referees for peer-review. The decision concerning publication of the paper is made by Editors after receiving the opinion of all referees. The Editor’s office does not enter into correspondence with the authors of rejected articles.

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