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First world war and transformation of financial systems of the leading states

First world war and transformation of financial systems of the leading states

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 4 (no. 1),
p. 96-106

The paper is devoted to the problem of global economy and finance of the leading countries transformation under the influence of the First world war. It is proved, that the capitalist system has moved to strongly stimulated and overloaded taxed economy as a result of mobilization. The author insists that the financial crisis in Weimar Germany was provoked largely with misguided policies of the social democrats, which didn't want to pay proper attention to problem of a post-war economic reconstruction. The author also believes that the Great depression was partly the consequence of the mobilization in United States in 1918.

Keywords: economic history at the beginning of XX century; Great depression; economic crisis of Weimar Republic; inflation; recession; state financial policy; world-systemic crises

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