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Russian market of alcohol products: institutional analysis, conclusions and proposals

Russian market of alcohol products: institutional analysis, conclusions and proposals

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 4 (no. 3),
p. 47-57

The alcohol production market has a great interest for the scientific economic analysis, because it has special characteristics, being one of the most important sources of budget replenishment. On the one hand, the growth of the market leads to increasing of revenue in budget, on the other hand — has negative social consequences, which can adversely affect the future social-economic development. Therefore, governments of many countries pursue a policy of quantitative restriction and improve the quality (culture) of consumption alcohol production. Russia in this list is not exception. Analysis of the alcohol market is the most interesting from the point of view of institutional approach with the many features of its structure and functioning characteristics. The aim of this study is to identify the true causes of the institutional changes in the Russian market, as well as analysis of the consequences of such transformations.

Keywords: market of alcohol products; production; consumption; disproportion of prices; Alcohol Company; competitive advantages reallocation of the subjects of the alcohol products market; redistribution of property rights; licensed retail network

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