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Trial by jury: past and present

Trial by jury: past and present

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 5 (no. 3),
p. 139-148

In the paper fundamental questions of functioning of a jury in Russia in second half XIX century and during the modern period after their revival in the Russian Federation in 1993 are considered. The jury takes a special place among institutes of the Russian justice. On the historical destiny it was futuristic experiment (it was established in the country in 1864 during unprecedented judicial - legal reform when the with the little earlier - several years ago, in Russian empire not cancelled serfdom still operated) and could exist 50 years - till 1917 (the beginning of the Soviet period), and in the subsequent has been again claimed in modern legal system of Russia.
Initially the jury in Russia possessed original features which changed eventually. During the modern period by virtue of the objective and subjective reasons the jury is transformed to the differentiated order of criminal trial intended for consideration of criminal cases on the basis of the petition accused.

Keywords: criminal legal proceedings; proceeding; a jury; the juryman; a verdict

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