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Performance and trends in the food industry in the current conditions of Russia

Performance and trends in the food industry in the current conditions of Russia

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 6 (no. 1),

The Russian food industry endures cardinal changes now, on the market the western corporations actively take root. With the entry of the WTO the competition between domestic and foreign producers of the food, between the Russian and import food becomes tougher. This circumstance brings to the forefront of a problem of optimization of business processes, managements of production resources, ensuring optimum interaction of systems of production and sale of food products, i.e. objectively demands essential increase of management efficiency as branch in general, and its separate components. The authors in the paper designated problems of increase of effective management of the food industry and offers application of strategic management as a basis for the solution of these problems. In the paper two main ways of development are analyzed: extensive development of the enterprise represents increase in production due to simple quantitative expansion of factors of production, for example, increases in number of workers and the intensive way of development represents increase in production due to more effective use of factors of production, i.e. due to introduction of new, more effective technologies by means of updating of fixed assets, due to professional development of labor, etc.

Keywords: food industry; competitiveness of the enterprises of the food industry; strategic management; strategic development of branch

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