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Development of international labor migration in the dynamics of globalization processes

Development of international labor migration in the dynamics of globalization processes

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 6 (no. 1),

The current characteristics of international migration caused by the qualitative changes that occur in the global economy under influence of increasing globalization. The paper attempts to suggest periodization of the global economy development and to identify features of international labor migration occurred under the influence of deep changes in the world economy. During this period, the author identifies three stages in the formation of globalization, the transition criterion from one to other is the degree of world economy changes under the influence of the productive forces development and the major social and political transformations resulted in qualitative changes in the processes of international labor migration. At the same time in the context of globalization the place and role of international labor migration changes in the global economy system: migration becomes a means of promoting the globalization of countries and regions, the most important factor of demographic development and economic growth.

Keywords: stages of globalization; global issues; scientific and technical; information and technology revolution; integration; transnationalization; international labor migration; poly-causality

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