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Interaction between public enterprises and foreign institutions in the improvement of territories

Interaction between public enterprises and foreign institutions in the improvement of territories

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 6 (no. 2),

Beautification problems of urban areas are crucial and urgent issues of modern urban planning and image of the region as they provide vision and social objectives of creating a favorable living environment to ensure the most favorable conditions for activities of the population.
The level of Buildings - one of the indicators of the living environment quality of the population and purposeful activity on formation of supportive and comfortable living environment of the population is the essence of the state of urban policy.
This paper discusses the interaction of public enterprises with foreign institutions in the process of improvement of the region as a factor of improvement and modernization of its infrastructure with the aim of finding effective and constructive balance of interests. The mechanism of interaction of public enterprises with the business community, external institutions, and not commercial organizations in the creation of image region is considered.
To optimize the social and economic processes in the field of improvement of urban areas and improve the effectiveness of local governments a systematic approach is required for the territory development as much as possible taking into account the specialization of its unique resource and market potential, as well as the joint efforts of various communities, which are the essential importance of social strata of the population.

Keywords: modernization of infrastructure; balance of interests; the welfare of the region; the image of the region

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