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Enforcement of the contract as a mechanism reducing the risk of non-performance

Enforcement of the contract as a mechanism reducing the risk of non-performance

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 6 (no. 3),

Data on efficiency of an enforcement of state contracts in different regions of Russia are an empirical basis of this paper. Relevance of statement of a problem is caused by that costs for an enforcement don't correspond to its functional importance that demands theoretical justification of the directions of its improvement: place permanent modifications, additions, legislation adopted by a large number of new regulatory acts, performs pre- sphere of public procurement, administrative practice is subject to non- predictability, complicating the "rules of the game" for all subjects. An objective of this research is the motivation analysis of the auction winner to a choice as providing the contract of the bank guarantee or transfer as proof of money as ensuring performance of the contract.

Keywords: enforcement of contracts; procurement; provision of contracts; transparency.

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