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Assessment of structural shifts and differences of regional economic systems in Southern Russia

Assessment of structural shifts and differences of regional economic systems in Southern Russia

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 6 (no. 4),

There are many methodologies for assessing structural changes in domestic and foreign practice. But there are no criteria for method selection according to research purposes, which complicates the choice of instruments. The paper presents the original results of calculations of structural shift indices. This indices can explain the differences between regional economic systems of Southern Russia. The author used the indicators of gross value added, employment and investment by sector of economy since 2005 for 2012 years for calculating indices of structural shifts. The research is based on Ryabtsev index estimation. For analysis of the structural differences of regions of Southern Russia the author chose Ryabtsev index for several reasons: the possibility of using any set of statistical data and the availability of an evaluation scale of structural differences. The results show that the smallest structural shifts we can observe in employment and the largest structural shifts in investment. In accordance with the degree of structural differences in the analyzed indicators, the author allocated groups of regions of Southern Russia, using a comparison of their economic structures. The data obtained in this research can be used to develop a strategy of regional development in view of their structural features.

Keywords: structural shift; index of structural shift; structural differences; industrial structure; regional economic system; economy of Southern Russia

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