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Solvency Assessment of the Oil and Gas Enterprises for Implementation of the Ecological Programs

Solvency Assessment of the Oil and Gas Enterprises for Implementation of the Ecological Programs

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 7 (no. 1),

In the paper the major adverse macroeconomic factors which influenced formation of negative tendencies on world and domestic the raw markets are considered. Against decline in the rate of national currency and falling of prices of oil, the simultaneous increase in volumes of production with the accompanying decrease in volumes of investment into branches especially guards. All this leads to that for economy of expenses, the oil and gas companies start cutting down those items of expenditure which directly don't affect production. Costs of performance of actions for environment protection that is a notable reason for concern also belong to such types of expenses. In this regard possibility of the company in time and in time to fulfill the obligations, existence at not temporarily free money, is some pledge of that the company even in difficult economic conditions will be able to fulfill the obligations. Therefore in this research the analysis of liquidity of three largest oil and gas companies of Russia for the purpose of identification most and the least solvent company is carried out.

Keywords: enterprises of oil and gas sector; ecologically oriented development; liquidity and solvency.

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