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Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Research of International Labor Migration at the Domestic Regions Level

Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Research of International Labor Migration at the Domestic Regions Level

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 7 (no. 1),

State and socio-economic status of Russian regions are updated by the need to develop of contemporary approaches to the problem of an effective regional policy, including migration policy, not only at state level but also at the level of federal districts. In each region of the Russian Federation a specific migration situation is formed, which is caused not only by huge territory with a variety of climatic conditions, but also socio-economic differentiation of regions, different attractiveness for living and working for labor migrants. Based on the statistical indicators analysis of federal districts, the paper examines the relationship between migration attractiveness of the area, the level of development of forms of foreign economic activity in the regions and, as a result, the socioeconomic development of the Federal District. It is argued that the implementation of migration policies at the level of federal districts should be carried out taking into account the features of economic development, as well as the capabilities and interests of all subjects included in the District, which in turn will provide synergistic effect in the united area of subjects.

Keywords: regional differentiation; federal districts; form of international economic relations; foreign economic activity; international labor migration; migration of highskilled specialists; migration policy.

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