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Regional Specifics of Human Capital Reproduction on the Case of North Caucasian Federal District

Regional Specifics of Human Capital Reproduction on the Case of North Caucasian Federal District

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 7 (no. 2),

The paper is devoted to hot issue at the moment to the problem of the huma capital reproduction. The author considers the theoretical issues and practical aspects of human capital at the meso-level in the case of the North Caucasian Federal District. The district is seriously fallen behind in terms of human capital reproduction of the national average. However, despite the low levels of socio economic development in the whole the district holds a leading position in relation to demography and health protection. From author’s point of view, this is due to ethno-cultural characteristics of the human capital in the area. The regional specificity of human capital is revealed on the basis of the analysis.

Keywords: human capital reproduction; regional specificity; imbalances of human capital reproduction; ethno-cultural characteristics of human capital.

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