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Assessment of the Public Sector Scale in the Russian Federation Regions and Its Relationship to the Level of Economic Development

Assessment of the Public Sector Scale in the Russian Federation Regions and Its Relationship to the Level of Economic Development

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 7 (no. 3),

The need to reduce the public sector of the Russian economy is often discussed in the modern economics. Regulatory evaluation based on a comparison of the effectiveness of the private and public sectors is usually dominated. The problem of determining the role of the public sector from the point of its regulatory capabilities with regional differentiation is outside of the view. Comprehensive assessment of the public sector scale in the Russian regions economy is fulfilled based on statistical data on selected indicators of the State participation. To assess the volume of the public sector in the Russian regions a method to calculate the integral measure of the comprehensive assessment of the scale of the public sector is used in the paper. This indicator is measured in a quantitative scale that allows to use it in the statistical analysis of the data, particularly in the correlation analysis to identify the relationship between the public sector and the volume of GDP per capita. Assessment of the relationship of this indicator to the level of economic development of the Russian region is fulfilled. It is shown that the scale of the public sector is strongly differentiated by region due to the requirements of its regulatory impact determined by the type of region.

Keywords: public sector of economy; regions typology; complex assessment; regional differentiation by the scale of the public sector

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