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The Evolution of the Categorical Apparatus and the Main Stages of Development of the Industry in Russia

The Evolution of the Categorical Apparatus and the Main Stages of Development of the Industry in Russia

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 8 (no. 3),

In modern conditions the basis for the efficient functioning of the economic system as a whole becomes sustainable industry development as the leading link of the entire economic complex. This article presents a retrospective analysis of the development of theoretical approaches to the term industry. The evolution of the term defined the stages of development of the industry. The statistical analysis of the development of industry of the Russian Federation at the present stage is revealed that the complicated industrial environment of geopolitical and economic uncertainty. The relative stabilization of the national currency reduces the competitive advantages and export oriented industries. Ineffective industrial policy is manifested in the scatter of production, and not a coordinated system of comprehensive measures to change the general conditions. Negative trends in the development of industry associated with high logistics costs, low throughput of the railway network and ports to a stagnation of domestic demand. The impact this process has had the technological backwardness of individual plants, the introduction of sanctions, limiting access of the enterprises of the country to certain foreign technology and capital, high material and energy intensity of production, low productivity, lack of financial resources (including for R &d), the dependence on imported components. The proposal to enhance economic development of the country. The optimum development potential of the industry is an efficient investment, especially in machinery and instrument engineering, chemical industry, metallurgy and so on it is in turn possible in the formation and functioning of a civilized institutional and legal framework of business in the Russian Federation.

Keywords: industry; development trends; industry; economic system of the Russian Federation

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