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Marketing on the labor market: essence, experience, trends

Marketing on the labor market: essence, experience, trends

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 9 (no. 1),

The labor market is not static. Different changes are constantly taking place. At the moment the labor market in the Russian Federation is influenced by crisis phenomena. The crisis forces employers to redefine the policy of attracting and retaining personnel. There has been a fierce struggle of business for hunting the best workers. At the stage of growing competition the positive formation of HR-brand of companies is important. Employer brand is indispensable for development of any organization. Thanks to the positive brand, companies significantly reduce their funds for the recruitment, ensure the loyalty of employees, turnover becomes minimal. In this regard Russian organizations began to pay more attention to such a new instrument of human resources management as personnel marketing. Using this tool, companies can achieve an increase in the real contribution and productivity of staff without attracting any additional funds. Personnel marketing is entire philosophy of human resources management. Its direction in the organization determines a number of factors, such as external – development of technology, situation in the labor market, social needs, current legislation, strategies and activities of competitors, and internal – organization's goals, financial resources. Personnel potential. The article is devoted to the research of personnel marketing organization at Russian and foreign enterprises, the level of development of countries in the field of personnel marketing, as well as the popularity of this type of management activity. The subject of the research is the Russian and foreign enterprises. The objective of this research project is to analyze the differences of foreign and domestic experience in the field of personnel marketing.

Keywords: personnel marketing, staff, personnel training, wage fund, Russian marketing staff, international marketing staff, HR-budget

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