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The blockchain as a tool of the digital economy

The blockchain as a tool of the digital economy

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 9 (no. 1),

In the formation of the Russian economy the economic development of the country depends on the speed of the transition to the digital economy, defined as the economic activity, in which the key factor of production is the data in digital form, processing large volumes and the use of which the analysis of the results compared with traditional forms of management can significantly improve the effectiveness of different types of production, technology, equipment, storage, sale, delivery of goods and services. Without the digital economy it is impossible to ensure the country's competitiveness on the world market, in this connection, the digital economy is the main priority of economic development of our country. One of the tools of the digital economy, allowing to provide all the necessary conditions and mechanisms for technology is the technology blokcheyn. Blokcheyn gradually introduced not only in all areas of business, but also in education, because the interaction between business and science is making a huge contribution to the growth in the number of innovative products and services. In the article the concept blokcheyna as a block chain, a distributed database, a distributed registry technology, where there is no centralized control, which could dispose blokcheynom in its sole discretion, necessity of transition to modern technologies; blokcheyn technology features that reduce energy - and time-consuming to process the information; problems of transition to digital media in the educational institutions, which are reflected in their performance; blokcheyn technology, requiring a change of management, governance, financial management, specific people, and infrastructure development. Implementation blokcheyn technology will automate the production and delivery of services, which will lead to an era of digital contracts and paperless transactions, significant savings in resources. Economic stability will keep the educational institutions with modern advanced digital infrastructure that will allow them to be competitive.

Keywords: the digitalization; digital economy; information technology; information infrastructure; blockchain

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