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Fundamentals of intelligent procurement system

Fundamentals of intelligent procurement system

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 9 (no. 1),

The article is devoted to innovation in the procurement system. An assessment of regulation in the digital economy is being carried out. Russia’s role in the innovative development of countries, its infrastructure component is determined. The possibilities of using new information technologies in public procurement are considered to create an intelligent system based on blockchain, smart contracts and artificial intelligence. Identified stages of the development procurement system, and their current stage is estimated – «electronization» with the prospect of transition to «digitalization». The concept «intelligent procurement system» is introduced for the first time. The potential and risks of using intelligent information technologies in purchases are analyzed. The scope of digital solutions in the construction of an intelligent system is determined. New trends in the labor market and procurement specialists are being researched. The influence of two mediating phenomena affecting the labor market and supplementary vocational training in the purchases is underlined. The key skills required in the digital economy are highlighted. The significant role of electronic trade system in improving the procurement system is substantiated. The need for the development of a program document ‒ the concept of developing a procurement system, reflecting the main approaches to smart regulation and management of contract activities in the digital economy is formulated.

Keywords: public procurement; intelligent procurement system; blockchain in procurement; smart contracts; intelligent system’s; artificial intelligence on procurement; digital economy; supplementary vocational training procurement system

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