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Innovative Marketing Strategy of the Organization of the Pharmaceutical Market

Innovative Marketing Strategy of the Organization of the Pharmaceutical Market

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 9 (no. 3),

The work analyzes and evaluates the main marketing tools of the pharmaceutical market research, which testify to their traditional nature and lack of focus on the use of innovative achievements in the marketing research. We mean the achievement in the information economy, the past stage of creation and use of mainframes, personal computers, the Internet, mobile transmitting devices. Their development, based on new paradigms of computation, led to the creation of a new stage - the digital economy, the main tool of which is blocking technology that operates with cryptography. The predominance of "classical" tools in marketing research is partly explained by the fact that the introduction of blocking technology into everyday practice is at the very beginning. This necessitated the formulation of the research task of justifying the possibility and necessity of using a marketing strategy in analyzing and organizing a pharmaceutical market that takes into account the latest achievements in the digital economy in which huge amounts of digital data are processed, analyzed and used at all stages of production, in the broadest sense of the term. These technologies become the main factor of production, able to radically transform all economic ties and interactions, minimizing the participation of people in them. So, the "Internet of things", which is a whole set of physical objects connected by a computer network and equipped with built-in technologies that allow them to interact with themselves and with the outside world, develops at a high rate. It is estimated that by 2020, "Internet of things" will have about 26 billion devices, and the turnover of the Internet economy will reach $ 9 trillion (Gartner, 2013). ransactions between them will require internet money (Omohundzo, 2014). As the money will act as a crypto currency. Micro-payments of crypto-currency between physical objects can create a new level of economy (Dawson, 2014). Its essence lies in the fact that the need to distribute resources through the market will largely disappear. This will be done by "smart machines". In the light of the current changes in social production, approaches to recruitment and traditional content of services, including marketing ones, should change. The marketing strategy in relation to the pharmaceutical market must take into account these changes, especially since blocking technology can also be used in healthcare (Swan, 2014). The research was carried out on the basis of general scientific methods, the prognostic method and the method of comparative analysis. This allowed to solve such problems as defining the essence, place and role of pharmacy in general and the pharmaceutical market, in particular, in the social and economic system of society, to carry out a comparative analysis of the use of "classical" software and blocking technology in pharmaceuticals. This allowed us to identify its uniqueness and allowed us to justify the need to develop a marketing strategy that is adequate to the modern development of the economy, and to determine the practical results of using such a strategy.

Keywords: pharmacy; pharmaceutical market; innovative marketing strategy; digital economy; blokchein

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