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Main Trends in Human Resource Management: National and Foreign Experience

Main Trends in Human Resource Management: National and Foreign Experience

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 9 (no. 4),

This article analyses the main trends in Human Resource management that arebeing used innational and foreign companies nowadays days. At first researcher is looking into why trends are changing. The key reasons for modernization of technologies and human resources strategies are: switch to new model of business development – VUCA concept, digitalization and technologization of economy and entire system of social and work relations, economics globalization and business internationalization, the changeof paradigm in human resource management. As a result, not only, organization of the company changes but also a new vision of the worker’s abilities, their expectations and behaviors is formed. In the modern days the distinguishing trait of the employees behaviour model is the so-called «professional zipping». Success in career is no longer identified with having one profession, various experiences and ability of constant development have much more value. For this article Deloitte, «Global Human Capital Trends 2018» research findings were used as modern trends in Humans Recourse management. In the final part, strategic approaches to employee management are discusses. In addition, the «portrait» of an effective HR-Manager is presented.

Keywords: HR Management; HR trends; New tools and technologies in HR; концепция управления человеческим капиталом и управления человеком; VUCA concept; professional zipping; Agile, Scrum management techniques; HR Ambassador; economics globalization

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