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Territorial Brand as a Marketing Tool for Marketpositioning of the Region

Territorial Brand as a Marketing Tool for Marketpositioning of the Region

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 10 (no. 1),

In the article, based on the comparison of the subject content of the categories “reputation”, “prestige”, “image”, the scope of the concept “brand” is clarified, It also discusses the use of the marketing tool in the processes of forming and implementing the functions of a territorial brand for the market positioning of the region in the economic space of the country and the world. Unlike the image as a kind of mental image in the minds of people, formed under the influence of often artificially created information flows, reputation is based on verified practice, on life experience, supported by reliable information about the favorable qualities of a territorial-settlement formation. The brand of the territory is its collective image, formed on the basis of real advantages positioned in the image field, clearly distinguishing it from other territories. Brand values are: reflection of the unique competitive advantages of this territory and embodiment of their real benefits for internal and external consumers. Local management of the formation of a territorial brand involves the use of apparatus tools, including strategic, symbolic, advertising and PR tools. The system-complementary use of such instrumental and methodical apparatus will make it possible to realize a target goal: formation of a territorial brand.

Keywords: marketing; brand, prestige; reputation; image; territory; region; toolkit; positioning

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