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Оn Directions New Industrial Revolution in a Digital Economy: Context-the Substantial Aspect

Оn Directions New Industrial Revolution in a Digital Economy: Context-the Substantial Aspect

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 10 (no. 2),

In this article the author touches upon the problem of realization of the processes of re-formation of the existing system of economic relations, realized in the conditions of actualization of digitalization of production and economic processes. The peculiarity of the approach to neoindustrialization is the understanding of this process not only from the standpoint of the focus on the use of modern material and technical base, qualitative improvement of conditions and production technologies, but also on the need to understand the specifics of new working conditions, which consist in the need to rebuild public consciousness to create prerequisites for a new human quality in the mechanism of «digitization» of economic relations. This circumstance requires the revision of the implemented instruments of industrial policy not only to take into account the interests of the owners themselves, but also to study the potential of society for the perception of the innovations used. In view of the above, the author considers neoindustrialization in the conditions of the digital economy as a General process affecting the interests of the aggregate of participants in both economic and social activities, and, as a consequence, presupposes the consideration of various aspects that take place in the reform of economic relations under the influence of modern trends of neo-analysis. The article analyzes the content of neoindustrialization processes in the context of the implementation of this process in relation to the conditions of the digital economy. The author proposes to consider the analyzed multidimensional process: not only from the standpoint of the use of technological innovation, but through the characteristics of the changes of society under the influence of neoindustrial. Particular attention is paid to the context-content aspect in the analysis of the processes of neoindustrialization, based on the consistency and subordination of the structural elements of the mechanism under consideration.

Keywords: industrialization; industrial production; import substitution policy; industrial clusters; industrial policy; not industrialization; context-content aspect

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