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Features of Determination of Technology as NDT: Russian and Foreign Experience

Features of Determination of Technology as NDT: Russian and Foreign Experience

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 10 (no. 2),

The introduction purpose in practice of work of the enterprises of the best available technologies is ensuring gain of the natural capital and improvement of quality of ecosystem services. The set of all natural resources represents the natural capital which along with other types of the capital (physical, financial, intellectual, human and social) promotes formation of a national wealth of the country and provides its sustainable development. Special attention is now paid to questions of investment into the natural capital which includes modernization of fixed capital and improvement of the technologies used by the enterprises pollutants of the environment. In the given research authors analyze the major tool which introduction in practice of work of the enterprises, will allow to provide environmental friendliness of production, will improve a condition of fixed assets, will increase competitiveness, and, the main thing, will promote improvement of state of environment. The best available technologies which implementation promotes the decision act as such tool not only ecological, but also economic problems of the real sector of economy – reduces power consumption, water consumption, expenses. It is defined that the large export-oriented enterprises, including metallurgists, in the smallest – the housing and public utilities enterprises are most ready to introduction of NDT. The algorithm of determination of technologies as the best is given in article, the structure of information and technical reference books is analysed, the comparative analysis of the procedure of introduction of NDT in the different countries is carried out, on the basis of it SWOT analysis of process of definition of NDT with identification its strong is carried out and weaknesses, the technique of assessment of degree of "environmental friendliness" of the enterprises is offered.

Keywords: the best available technologies; natural resources; inforomatsionno-technical reference books; resource-saving, criteria of definition of NDT

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