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Tools for Overcoming Gender Inequality in the Workplace: Experience of France

Tools for Overcoming Gender Inequality in the Workplace: Experience of France

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 10 (no. 4),

The article discusses means employed to fight against women discrimination in the workplace in France. The first part of the article provides a brief description of the development of legislation against gender inequality, both in the EU as a whole and in France. The central place in the article is given to the characteristic and methodology of calculating the index of equality of men and women in the workplace, developed in France. When calculating the index, five indicators are taken into account that characterize the degree of inequality of men and women in the field of social and labor relations: the difference in the amount of base salary, collective and individual bonuses, differences in the distribution of individual bonuses, career opportunities, the percentage of employees who have been promoted after return from maternity leave, the ratio of women to men among the ten highest paid employees. The article also discusses the main tools aimed at overcoming gender inequality in the workplace in France. Of greatest interest in this regard are Renault, Orange and Suez companies, in which engineering professions play the central role resulting in the high proportion of male employees. The final part of the article shows the limitations and discussion regarding the methodology for calculating the index of equality of men and women.

Keywords: HR management; gender discrimination in the labor market; labor discrimination of women in France; equality index of men and women in the workplace; anti-discrimination policy; tools to combat gender discrimination in the workplace

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