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Green Public Procurement Strategy and Mechanims Implementation in RA

Green Public Procurement Strategy and Mechanims Implementation in RA

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 11 (no. 1),

The article considers the essence, nature and significance of “sustainable”, “green” or “cyclic” procurements, as a category derived from the concept of sustainable development. A three-dimensional valuation model is presented as typical manner of “sustainable” or “green” procurements. The analysis of the legislative regulation of “sustainable” or green procurement in the EAEU countries is carried out. It is stated that the problem of “sustainable” procurement has not yet been included in the agenda of public procurement by the authorities and the Armenian government. It is emphasized that the introduction of a “sustainable” procurement system is a complex task that requires coordinated work in several directions at the same time, including: legal regulation with elements of peremptory provisions on the use of “sustainable” procurements in state organizations and enterprises; organizational plan and administration issues; financial and non-financial incentive mechanisms; promotion of “sustainable” procurement in the business environment; awareness of citizens in the importance and effectiveness of ultrasound – at the same time in solving economic, environmental and social problems; raising the level of knowledge and skills of managers at all levels of the public sector regarding sustainable development, including “sustainable” procurement. The importance of mastering the life cycle cost assessment of integrated services and work, as well as simple procurement of products is put forward. It is noted that an important component of the implementation of sustainable procurement is the promotion of “green” consumer behavior through campaigns and incentive measures, raising awareness of citizens about the behavior of environmentally friendly consumption and energy conservation and environmental conservation. For the legal regulation of “sustainable” procurements in the Repub lic of Armenia, an approach is put forward to implement the short-term and long-term strategies, the first being implemented on the basis of the current Law “On Procurement” of the Republic of Armenia, and the second by the adoption of a new comprehensive law on procurement.

Keywords: sustainable development; “sustainable” public procurement; “green” public procurement; “circular” procurement; three-dimensional matrix of sustainable procurement

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