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The Social Security System in China: Historical Approach

The Social Security System in China: Historical Approach

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 12 (no. 3),

This article discusses the stages and characteristics of social security in China within the framework of the historical approach. Although the institutional practice of the social security system appeared in ancient China in the early 20th century, some elements of social security have already existed in ancient China in the Western Zhou period. The social security system was formed in a long historical period from Western Zhou Dynasty to the early Qing Dynasty. This system was dif-ferent from the western countries and had a complex ideological basis. It was based on the traditional elements like country, folk, culture, religion, family, clan, and others. With the alternation of dynasties, social security still has the characte-ristics of locality, national responsibility, cultural characteristics, the role of the family, and other fundamental characteristics. This system of protection is based on social assistance and continues its importance so far. The historical approach has identified key stages and the traditional institutional practices of social securi-ty, which the Chinese system of social support for the poor relies upon.

Keywords: social security; historical approach; state responsibility; social stability

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