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Ivan Pososhkov - the First Russian Economist

Ivan Pososhkov - the First Russian Economist

Journal of Institutional studies, , Vol. 6 (no. 1),
p. 30-35

Ivan Pososhkov was a remarkable spokesman of the new line of Russian economic mind in XVII - XVIII ^., whose merit was that he was the first to understand key challenges that Russia was facing to move to prosperity and progressive development. His merits cannot be diminished just due to the fact that he proved his conclusions within a framework of his times. His understanding of the main directions of national economic policy is relevant in our days. In 1724 Pososhkov wrote «Book on Poverty and Wealth», which now belongs to the treasury of the most distinguished economic writings not only in Russia, but in the whole World. In this book he explains developed and harmonic system of economic views, which gives a right to call him the first Russian economist. Also a number of works belong to his feather, where the problems of money supply, military, religious problems and the issue of morality are investigated.

Keywords: mercantilism; institutionalism; public revenues; real wealth; immaterial wealth; domestic product; efficiency of labor; tax ordering; national trade; national interests

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