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Cameralistic and “Police” Ideas of I. Pososhkov about “Russian Land” Accomplishment

Cameralistic and “Police” Ideas of I. Pososhkov about “Russian Land” Accomplishment

Journal of Institutional studies, , Vol. 6 (no. 1),
p. 36-42

The paper presents I. T. Pososhkov’s views as a reflection of XVIII century Russian state residents’ economical mindset. There is a comparison between these views and the paradigms of economical, legal and managerial thinking which emerged in Western Europe - cameralistics and the conception of police state. Cameralistics as a science related to government household was connected with cameral accounting (without double entry method), when account was maintained through a services volume given by labor, land or “fund” (human-produced economic goods complex). According to the conception of police state, a person in his social determination is an analysis benchmark. He is a community (government) member that is able to observe social behavior rules and the laws, to keep house correctly. A goal set by Pososhkov is to describe behavior norms of such a person and conditions which help to solve this purpose.

Keywords: history of economic thought; material and non-material wealth; cameralistics; police state

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