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State as a Subject of Modernization in Russia: Ideas of I. T. Pososhkov and Modernity

State as a Subject of Modernization in Russia: Ideas of I. T. Pososhkov and Modernity

Journal of Institutional studies, , Vol. 6 (no. 1),
p. 66-73

The paper regards work by I. T. Pososhkov "Book on Poverty and Wealth" as addressed to "the customer" in the person of Peter I «institutional project" of Russia’ modernization, built on dialogue of "autocrat" with representatives of all estates represented by "multinational Council."
This project is compared with the practice of institutional design in modern Russia. The author determines the causes of modernization projects failures associated with underdevelopment of "broad interest groups" representation in "market power" and weakness of control of the "ruler" (the ruling group) over bureaucratic "vertical of power".

Keywords: state; power market; ruler (the ruling group); vertical of power; institutional design

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