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Spots growth and growth drivers: the question of the contents concepts

Spots growth and growth drivers: the question of the contents concepts

Journal of Institutional studies, , Vol. 7 (no. 2),

In the context of discussions about the need to revitalize economic growth are common terms such as "points of growth" and "growth drivers". On the one hand, these terms represent some stable figures of speech, intended to identify the sources of economic development. On the other hand, these, at first glance, similar concepts are covered different approaches to changing economic realities, and the uncritical use of these terms is able to distort our understanding of these realities. This is largely due to the fact that the above concepts reflect different aspects of the potential for economic development. This paper analyzes the economic substance of these categories, as well as the disclosure of their importance in the modern theory and practice. The urgency of finding ways and factors contributing to the acceleration of growth and the formation of a new quality of economic dynamics are currently increasing in the context of economic turbulence, the instability of the national and world markets.
Search the main drivers of future growth and development is carried out in the framework of investment and innovative theories, considering the long-term patterns of economic dynamics based on the Kondratieff cycles, evolving technological structures. Investment and innovation, creating a demand for a certain market, then multiplicative translate it into other areas. Economic realities often do not correspond to this scenario, and local growth does not acquire quality system does not become a "locomotive" of the translational motion of the economy. Under the conditions of underdevelopment and the integrity of relations in the economic system, it requires drivers under which the authors understand the specific mechanisms of process management to create complex multi-level connections in the system.
The paper shows the features of the development of Russia through the prism of points and drivers of growth. These drivers are primarily the different institutions, but by themselves do not ensure the development of institutions, but only partially formed its conditions. The driver is the result of an optimal ratio for the country the basic conditions meet the growing demand from domestic reserves. As examples of the growth drivers of the Russian economy are considered: the transport and logistics infrastructure, small and medium businesses, cluster structures, the agricultural sector.

Keywords: point and growth impulses; growth drivers; cross-border nature of the markets; development potential; engine of growth

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