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Ranking the participants of economic studies market in Russia

Ranking the participants of economic studies market in Russia

Journal of Institutional studies, , Vol. 7 (no. 3),

The paper discusses the results of rating the personal and institutional members of the Russian market for Economic Studies – economists and higher economic schools. Ranking the economists carried out in accordance with the Rating of academic activity and popularity, which is based on averaging three indicators of RISC – number of publications, number of citations and h-index. The quantitative results of the pilot empirical calculations have allowed to identify the main features of the model for academic success of economist, which includes factors such as mature age, high administrative status, attitudes to the leading scientific corporation and relevance of research subject. The paper also presents the rating of Russian universities engaged in economic studies. The rating is based on the account of two sides in the activities of universities – publication activity in the pages of the best economic journals, determined on the basis of special Ranking of economic journals, and human capacity, determined on the basis of Rating of academic activity and popularity of economists. The combination of these two factors for success has allowed to propose the classification of higher economic schools – emerging, mature, locally and globally active, locally and globally stagnating. It is shown that the additional data processing of system RISC allows to make a representative ratings that can serve as effective markers for Russian market of economic researches.

Keywords: university; institution; rating; success; research; ranking.

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