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Institutional Aspects of integration of Russian Empire in XIX century

Institutional Aspects of integration of Russian Empire in XIX century

Journal of Institutional Studies, , Vol. 9 (no. 3),

The current situation in the world is characterized by the fact that there is another wave of changes to state borders, almost like after the second world war. Among the transforming States no classical empires, but the experience of building a large state formations can be used for understanding what needs to be done to preserve the integrity of States. This article addresses the question of institutional conditions of integration of economic space in the Russia of the XIX century. If we understand economy as "an institutionalized process" movement of material goods and transactions that link economic acts in the sphere of exchange makes this process stability and integrates it into the system companies. The authors considered promising idea Polanyi's three forms of integration or sharing that reproduce the economy as a whole, for the conducting institutional analysis of economy of the Russian Empire of the XIX century. We are talking about market exchange, redistribution (redistribution) and of reciprocity (reciprocity, gift exchange). In this aspect, the Russian economy has not yet considered in the economic literature. The main method used institutional analysis and the historical method of research. The materials contained in the work, can be used to consider contemporary problems of integration of heterogeneous economic space. Found that to ensure the system coherence of the society and co-storage state, it is necessary to implement long-term goals in the form of Large projects. The authors consider such projects in the symbolic context of maintaining the legitimacy of power and, in purely economic aspect.

Keywords: empire, money, redistribution, gift exchange, Large projects

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