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Nureev R.M. Sketches of the history of institutionalism.

Sketches of the history of institutionalism. Rostov-on-Don: Publisher "Humanist perspectives", 2010

The monograph is dedicated to the development of institutional theory. The detailed description of views of T. Veblen, W. Mitchel and J. Commons – the founders of institutionalism -is brought forward. A great attention has been paid to the prerequisites, main stages and peculiarities of development of institutional schools of thought in various countries. Undoubtedly, manifold historical concepts of the original and new institutionalism are of high interest.
The establishment of evolutionary economics and principal development stages of neo-institutionalism, likewise, law, economics and the theory of public choice are analyzed. One of the chapters is devoted to the institutional analysis of development economics. The stages of the establishment of Russian national institutional school are analyzed in the final chapter.

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